Thirty employees of WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital are back to work after being quarantined for coming into contact with a patient who tested positive.

"We had a patient who came into the hospital and was asymptomatic for COVID, was here for another reason," said hospital CEO Dave Phillips.

When the patient's condition worsened, he was tested for COVID-19 and a positive result came back.

As an abundance of caution, 30 to 40 employees who came into contact with the patient were under quarantine beginning last week.

They all wore personal protective equipment (PPE), with the exception of protective eyewear, as the patient wasn't exhibiting symptoms at first.

"We are constantly re-evaluating guidance from the CDC, from the Ohio Dept. of Health and WVU Medicine and changing our practices to best protect everyone here in the hospital," Phillips said. "We are recommending to staff that regardless of the patient's condition that we are wearing protective eyewear and reminding staff of all PPE that they should be wearing."

Once they obtain negative results, they are released from quarantine, but will continue to be monitored.

"The testing that we did was on day five of exposure," he said. "The first five days are considered the most contagious period."

The hospital is still waiting on test results for a few employees before they return to work.