(Editor’s Note: This submission was omitted from last week’s Shamrock Page News that comes from students at Barnesville High School.)

This week I’ll be giving some tips and drills to do in your yard.

Left over right drill- Cross your left foot over your right and swing; this will increase stability in the swing and path/ plane of your swing.

Feet together- Put your feet together and swing; this will help your balance greatly.

Speed drill- Turn your club upside down where your hands are at the head of the club. Next swing 100 times every day to increase your swing speed dramatically.

Putting drills- Most courses are still open, so go to your course’s putting green and make 4 putts from 3 feet 6 feet and 9 feet in a row. This is very challenging and time consuming.

Lastly One hand putts- Putting with one hand is a drill Tiger Woods used to perfect feel and stability with the putter