(Part 3 of 3)

We resume our story with the tragic demise of Wayne Mill, who was then buried just about a mile away from home. The question of how he died and who or what killed him is still a mystery. But, I guess it’s always a mystery when you’re talking about sudden passings in the old West. He was found outside lying next to a basket of corn with his fresh blood dripping down the trench. The person who found Wayne was sweet, little Hazel. Though very upset and saddened over the horrible death of her husband, Maybelle knew she had to be the head of the house now. Not only that, but Maybelle had a lot more chores to do since Lewis didn’t have a partner when it came to feeding livestock and going hunting. Another thing added to Maybelle’s agenda was washing all of the clothes all by herself due to Hazel being traumatized by the site of her deceased father.

Maybelle knew that Sawyer wouldn’t help out with the chores. Lewis didn’t have enough time to help out his mother. Even if he’d have some spare time to help, he would be exhausted from doing his daily routine. And of course baby Ames couldn’t aid his mother because he was only three years old. But with a hopeful spirit and a good-willed heart, Maybelle got through doing so much that it almost became therapeutic for her. One night, she washed so much clothing that she mistakenly thought that some piles of clean clothes were dirty, so she cleaned them anyway. Another time where Maybelle extended her agenda was when she accidentally fed one single mule two whole bales of hay. After about a month since the death of Wayne, things have gotten back to normal with Maybelle and her three sons and one daughter. Besides the one difference being that Maybelle had to do more work than she ever did before.

Yes, things got back to regular life for the Mill family. But that didn’t mean that everyone in the family was entirely happy. That came in the form of young Sawyer. Of course, we already know about his lack of helping others, his temper history, and his refusal to do what others tell him to do. Sawyer isn’t a perfect person. Well, who is? Sawyer is just a boy who has a few troubles. Every human being has their own troubles. People might just have different levels of troubles. Does this mean Sawyer has high levels when it comes to his problems? Well, sadly, yes. Turns out Sawyer was the one who took his father’s life. Sawyer hated his father so much that he planned this murder three months before it even happened. Sawyer then deliberately placed the corpse of his father next to the trench and then left the site as if an Indian or someone else killed him.

About two years have gone by now, and things are not better. Not even close. Sawyer took his anger to a new level by getting rid of his whole family. He then proceeded to burn down the barn, the crops, and the house. Sawyer got one horse and rode his way out into the desert. The only thing that was left untouched was the trench, which has grown bigger than ever before.