Due to the recent challenges and adversity our world is facing, we’d like to write about a lighthearted topic this month: our favorite Easter traditions.

Kendal- One thing I’ve always loved to do during Easter is go to my aunt’s cabin. All of the extended family gets together and has a potluck and all of the kids look for Easter eggs. I also love joining my grandma Sandy for her Easter sunrise church service. Due to the circumstances this year though I believe we’re just cooking a nice meal and having our own Easter egg hunt.

Emma- Every Easter Sunday, our family goes to church in the morning. But as of right now, we cannot this year. After church, we have a really good lunch and an Easter egg hunt for all of my little cousins and siblings with some of my extended family. Although most families may not be able to do some of these traditions, remember to be grateful for the healthy family you have.