While you are stuck in your home feeling bored and restless, here are some ideas to keep you busy:

Play a board game- Monopoly takes forever but you have some extra time now

Go on a walk- a brisk walk or casual stroll will suffice. You could walk by yourself or with your family!

Bake a cake- "it’s a piece of cake to make a pretty cake"- Cooking by the Book

Watch a movie- Harry Potter series seems to always charm you

Play Just Dance- it never gets old. A whole day could go by and you would never notice

Clean your room- it’s probably not fun, but you will feel accomplished after it’s clean!

Go outside- soak up that vitamin D!

Listen to music- who doesn’t love music?

Do puzzles- they’re a great way to relax and pass time

Listen to podcasts- it’s a great way to feel like you have company, even if you don’t

Write in a journal- it’s always fun to go back and read about what you did in the past!