As we all know recently most of us have been under quarantine because of the Coronavirus. Quarantine is a time in which those under must stay at home to the best of their ability. This means no going into public places just to do so but instead staying home. Now home may be boring and there might not be much to do, but while in quarantine myself, I have found plenty to do to keep myself busy. A few of the main things I have done are work on my blizzard bag assignments for school because even if we aren’t there that doesn’t mean we should neglect the work and I have helped my family around the house. My family and I went out in our yard and did some yard work and we all eat dinner together at the end of each day. More things you can do with your family are play board games, play cards, watch a movie together, and maybe even cook dinner together. Enjoy the stay at home order the best you can and stay safe.