While it may be a very rough time right now for some of you, you have to keep looking forward and not take any time to look back at, or even look around to, what is currently happening in the world right now. This article will not particularly be about running, as I have written about it in the past. In fact, this article will be about keeping our heads up and staying confident at this time.

The outbreak of CoVid-19 has basically shut down all of Ohio, and while we should be staying in our homes unless an urgent matter comes at hand, we are still allowed to go to work or even go for a walk. Do this. Don’t be denied going for a walk. Don’t be denied going for a jog. Live life to the fullest- on a sidewalk, breathing in fresh air coming from the trees of nature, taking in all the peacefulness and the empty roads. If you’re feeling pressured and even claustrophobic, just relax. Get a drink of water, listen to some relaxing music, talk to a friend over FaceTime, or even go for a run. For all of you who go to work, (try) to cherish it. You never know if one of your co-workers could come down with it and you may never get to see them again. Anyway, at the end of the day, we must stay home, stay safe, and stay confident about when we, as a whole, will get through this!