The Belmont County Animal Rescue League began the process of examining its branding, structures, processes and overall mission in Belmont County and the surrounding region as early as 2018.

As part of this process, a consultant was brought in and a contract was signed with an agency specializing in nonprofit communications at the beginning of this year to audit the current band and make suggestions concerning ways that they could better execute their mission.

As part of conversations in 2019, BCARL began exploring their current job descriptions and the best way to maximize their staff and available volunteers.. These discussions included the idea of permanently suspending the executive director position and spreading those responsibilities among a team whose skills and primary focus would be more centered on the animals and less on administration.

The executive director at the time, Mrs. Jennifer Woollard’s contract was slated to expire on February 13, 2020, and Mrs. Woolard was alerted that her contract would not be renewed at that time. Mrs. Woollard’s last day in any capacity with BCARL was February 12, 2020. All pertinent stakeholders including the Belmont County Animal Shelter, Belmont County 911, Belmont County Commissioners, and the Belmont County Prosecutors’ Office were made aware that Mrs. Woollard would be pursuing other interests and would no longer be acting on behalf of BCARL.

BCARL’s board of directors are currently in the process of getting a complete picture of where the organization stands following the tenure of Mrs. Woollard’s employment, including a financial audit and analysis of the processes and structures that were in place during her time as Executive Director, and as such, are not in a position to discuss specific details until a complete picture is established.

BCARL is in the midst of an exciting rebranding, a re-examining of their mission and organizational structure, as well as recently moving into a hotel purchased on National Road in Belmont, Ohio that has already begun the transformation into a safe place for rescued animals to recover and be rehomed.