BELMONT — Village Solicitor TJ Schultz swore in Ron Woods as Mayor, Kenny Davis and Jim Saksa for Water Board, and Shaun Bruce as councilmember at the Jan. 2 Belmont Village Council meeting.

Grant Williams made a motion to go into executive session to discuss appointing personnel and purchase of property at 7:01 p.m., seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. At 7:27 p.m., Mayor Woods declared executive session over.

Mayor Woods said they had two letters of interest for the empty council seat. Mike Murphy nominated Lorie Grob to fill the position, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. Village Solicitor Schultz swore in Grob to fill the empty council seat.

Bev Yoe made a motion to nominate Mike Murphy to council president, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed.

Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead presented council with the annual housekeeping ordinance, Ordinance 2020-1 for approval. He said he updated the names of employees and updated pay rates that were approved throughout 2019. Shaun Bruce made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Lorie Grob. Motion passed. Shaun Bruce made a motion to approve Ordinance 2020-1 seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed.

Burkhead asked council to approve a 2019 supplemental appropriation of $600,000 for the USDA refinancing that took place. Bev Yoe made a motion to approve the appropriation, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. 

Burkhead informed the council that they needed to nominate two council members for the fire dependents fund board for the Belmont Fire Department. Grant Williams and Mike Murphy agreed to be on that board.

Village Solicitor Schultz presented resolution 2020-1 which dedicates the village playground to Stanley A. Sobel for his dedication to the park and the Village of Belmont. Dan Scott made a motion to approve Resolution 2020-1, seconded by Lorie Grob. Motion passed. Lorie Grob made a motion to approve a budget of $250 for the signage for the playground, seconded by Shaun Bruce. Motion passed.

Jessica Perkins informed council that there were two tickets for mayors court at the end of December.

Kenny Davis said the water board met recently and that last month the village produced 52 percent of our water. Davis said that Dan did a yearly report and over all we produced about 60 percent of our water. Davis said there were 18 delinquents last month and we were able to get all but one payment made. He said he was sad to announce that Tom Cook has passed away. Davis said Cook was our consultant for our wells and also helped us in exploring the possibility of drilling a new well.

Mayor Ron Woods said they are still accepting books for the children’s lending libraries. Woods said on Jan. 9 he will be attending mayor’s court training. He said he will soon be proceeding with the planning and engineering for the OPWC paving project.

Stan Sobel thanked Woods for running for mayor and stated that he is assured that the village will be happy with his leadership.

Don Williams suggested that we have another trash pickup day along the brick road. Dan Scott suggested that we do this also but wait until the weather is a little better. Council is going to organize a date to do this.

Bev Yoe asked if there was any update on the school abatement and demolition. Davis said as a community, they need to write letters to our state and federal congressmen to try to explain the situation we are in. Davis said we performed a much more thorough evaluation with the 1000 point test as opposed to the 600 point test that was first done. Davis said that we are going to need help in order to proceed.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.