Union Local FFA Reporter Cheyenne Dallas recently submitted a reporter’s book to Ohio FFA Regional evaluations.

At evaluations, she was given a Bronze rating for her work. The scrapbook needed to contain things such as 80 quality pictures, posts from social media, news articles, and more.

Union Local FFA Advisor Katrina Baker said,"To my knowledge, The Union Local FFA has not submitted a scrapbook in six years. I think that it is very important for us to preserve our history by having these scrapbooks for future generations to look at."

In class, Baker has students look at past scrapbooks to learn about the chapter history and traditions. The oldest one they have came across in class is from 1961. Many students have found relatives, parents, and grandparents in the scrapbooks. Baker wants to commend Dallas on her hard work.

"Cheyenne did an excellent job on the scrapbook capturing everything we do throughout the year. Hopefully this is a tradition that we can continue so we can preserve our own history for generations to come," Baker said.