(Part 1 of 3)

In the old west, discovering a good piece of land worth a folk’s time and hard work can seem difficult. However, it is not an impossible find. A good piece of land is usually found where there is no sign of life whatsoever. This is superb because it means that nobody has laid a foot on it yet. A piece of land with no previous owner is like a gift from God when it comes to the old west, and that gift is about to be discovered by a couple riding in a two mule-pulled wagon. The couple is comprised of Wayne Mill and his lovely wife Maybelle Mill. Wayne is just another ordinary man. He was raised by a rather poor family and was abandoned at the age of thirteen years-old. From there, he lived only on his own without having the willingness to trust anybody he encounters. Now at the age of thirty-six, Wayne has changed his perspective on people. Wayne was never the type to get married to someone else. In fact, he never thought that a woman would be willing to be his wife. But that all changed when a young, red-cheeked woman accidentally bumped into Wayne when she was at the age of twenty. At that age in her life, Maybelle was a widowed woman who always worked hard on her brother’s cattle farm.

Like her husband, Maybelle also grew up in harsh conditions. At the age of two, Maybelle’s parents died by the hands of Indians. At the age of thirteen, she was treated like a slave by her older, very overweight brother Saul. At the age of seventeen, her lover (a gentleman by the name of Henry) died of severe food poisoning. Luckily, Maybelle found her way out of such misery. She left her brother when she turned nineteen and then met Wayne in a saloon. They fell in love together, had their first child, and made a decent living by working on a farm that grew corn. But that wasn’t enough for Wayne and Maybelle. It just wasn’t special enough. They wanted a place that was made for them and them alone. As they still rode in their wagon in search for unmarked land, Wayne began a conversation by a question: "Do you really believe there’s just some land out here waiting for us, May?" Maybelle wasn’t paying attention at all. She was actually pondering over what her and Wayne’s futures will be when they find this special piece of land.

After a few more moments, Maybelle yelled abruptly for the wagon to stop. Wayne was completely startled by the yell. Still, Wayne stopped the wagon. Wayne then looked back to see what the reason was for the yell.

"Are you ok, May?" asked Wayne.

"Yes……..do you see it, honey?" said Maybelle.

"See what?" said Wayne.

"Oh, Wayne, Isn’t it just beautiful," said Maybelle.

At first, Wayne had no clue what his wife was even talking about. He had to jump off of the wagon and look in the direction where Maybelle was looking. All he could see was the sun was starting to set.

"We have to go there, Wayne. It’s our new home. It’s meant for us," said Maybelle while pointing in the direction of the sun. Wayne got back on the wagon and turned the direction of the mules to the direction of the fading sun. Once the sun had fallen into darkness and the stars appeared in the glorious night sky, Wayne and Maybelle Mill had found their new home. Maybelle leaped out of the wagon and started kissing the ground. Wayne put his two fingers into the ground and felt the soil.

"Good soil. Good for growin’ crops," said Wayne to himself.

Wayne looked up at the night sky and smirked a little.

"I think you just found the perfect spot, May," said Wayne.

Wayne kneeled down next to her and gently rubbed her back. Maybelle was so grateful for the land that she actually started to tear up a bit. Wayne got up and left her alone. He started wandering the area just to see if this land had any hidden gems to it. Wayne began kicking a pebble with his right foot. Wayne then kicked the pebble so hard that it skipped across the ground and fell into a dark crack. Wayne grew curious. He quickly walked to where the pebble vanished and found something that he wasn’t expecting. Wayne found himself staring into the opening of a trench. The trench looked as if it was just days old. The trench was also significantly small. Wayne put his hand up to his chin and began thinking. What on earth is this trench doing here?

To be continued…...