Has anyone ever wondered how the 3D models are made or found? Well, there are several different ways to create or find 3D models. There are two ways I use to create 3D models and 1 way I use to find 3D models to print. One way is the app Trnio; this app can be used to scan objects around you. Next, you upload the scan and the app creates the 3D model of it. The other way I use to make 3D models to print is Audodesk Inventor, which is software on a computer to create several different things. One of the things I have made on the app Trnio is a model of a deer that I have at home. An example of an object that I made on Audodesk Inventor is a business card holder for my father. The way that I find 3D models is through the thingiverse website which I have printed several things for myself, family, and friends. All of these ways are very good for either creating or finding 3D models.