February, the month of love, this month keep your significant other close by watching some of these great romance movies. If you are someone that hates this month then stick around for the end because we are also going to be listing anti-Valentine movies.

For all, you love bugs out there, here are some great movies to watch with your significant other. First, we’ll start with some classics. There is The Notebook released in 2004. This movie stars Rachel Adams as Allie and Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun. Then there is Dirty Dancing, released in 1987. It stars Jennifer Grey as Baby and Patrick Swayze as Johnny.

Some more recent romance movies are The Sun is Also a Star, released in 2019. It follows Yara Shahidi as Natasha Kingsly and Charles Melton as Daniel Bae. Finally, in my opinion, one of the better romance movie is After, released in 2019. It follows Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Hardin Scott and Josephine Langford as Tessa Young.

For the people who hate Valentine’s Day, well here are some movies for you. A good one to watch is The Shining, released in 1980. The Shining follows the Torrance family on their move to Colorado. Another good choice is Us, released in 2019 Us follows the Wilson family on their family vacation to the beach. Now, these are just two anti-Valentine movies, but there are so many more to watch.

So, whether you are a hater or a lover of Valentine’s Day, there will always be a movie for you to watch. Enjoy this month. Even if you are alone, you can always spoil yourself, right?