Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. Candy, flowers, hugs, and kisses circulate the air. Everybody knows what Valentine’s day is about because we have all seen the cliche movies. People give boxes of chocolate and bouquets of flowers and suckers, but the candy is not very healthy at all. A box of chocolates can have over one thousand calories, and candy bars like Reese's Cups and Snickers can have any amount of calories from eighty-seven to two-hundred fifteen or more. Do not get me wrong; I love chocolate as much as the next person but too much is not good for a person. I am not saying to never eat chocolate… I am just saying moderation is better than overindulging in tons of candy. Sometimes giving a significant other a single box of chocolates and some flowers is good enough. Sometimes even just being together for Valentine’s Day means more than anything. I hope everybody has a good Valentine’s Day with the ones that they love!