This romantic season we are here to give you some helpful tips on gifts to give your significant other (and what to NOT give your significant other).

Do’s: Typical gifts may include chocolate, flowers, balloons, etc. but we want something that is going to MELT THEIR HEART. If you don’t want to be basic here are some ideas for you...

Write them a love note and put it in a bottle (adds a little pizzazz)

Cook them dinner yourself (add some candles to make it a "lit" evening)

Bake Pillsbury heart sugar cookies (even when burned they’re still scrumdiddlyumptious)

Now onto the don’ts…


Avoid it if you can get it at a gas station; that’s all I’ve got to say.

As long as you make an effort and show your significant other that you care, we think you should be just dandy this holiday season.