In previous articles, I have written about tips and personal preferences when it comes to running. These tips have included stretching, warming up and cooling down, running in the cold, running shoes, and even some different form techniques that you can utilize to ensure that you get the best out of your afternoon jog or morning race. However, of course, in order to use these tips, (other than training) you will need to find some races to run.

There are two good races in particular. One of which is the Barnesville Rotary Lake 5K Trail Walk & Kids Fun Run. The race is on Saturday, March 28th, at 9:15 AM (time subject to change). The race is at the Barnesville Memorial Park, starting right next to the Bunting Shelter, and heading down the giant hill for two laps around the lake, them back up the giant hill for the finish. At the conclusion of the race, you can head into the Youth Center for awards, pizza, cookies, and more! The race picks up from its no-show last year because of various reasons; however, I am personally hoping that this year that it can pick back up to where it was in previous years before last year! A fair warning: be ready for cold weather!

Another race, this one being in Byesville, Ohio, is part of a three-race series that started in January. This particular race is the 2nd of the series, and is called Run Your Heart Out. The race takes place on Sunday, February 16th, starting at 2 PM. I have never run this course before; however, I can assume that it is fairly hilly, with some flat stretches. The medals handed out after the first race were very nice, for they were participation, and then the placement awards are ribbons. Another fair warning that there is great potential to be cold just like the first race in the series. Anyway, I hope that you took great attention into this article if you are looking to get into running and exercising!