Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with Valentine’s day comes candy. There are many versions that candy comes in. From boxes of chocolates to just the average type of candy, Valentine’s Day has every type of candy to choose from. You can either get them for yourself or your significant other, and the candy is usually at a fairly decent price. Are you a more traditional box of chocolates type of person or just a big bag of candy type of person? Me, personally, I am a more big bag of candy type of person. I am more of a big bag type of candy type of person because when you buy boxes of chocolate you never really know what you’re getting. The boxes are usually not labeled; therefore, you never know what you are biting into, which is why I stick to my very well known big bags of candy. I love Twix so my go-to big bag of candy would be Twix because I know what I’m getting when I bite into it.