CLEVELAND (AP) — An Ohio man could face the death penalty if convicted in a fatal shooting that left three people dead in Cleveland, under an updated indictment handed down Wednesday.

The victims, two women and a man, attended a party on Nov. 2 and were shot in the head after a verbal altercation, according to police.

Defendant Kielonte Harris, 25, was previously indicted in connection with the killings. Wednesday’s new indictment charges him with multiple counts of aggravated murder, murder, and aggravated robbery with the possibility of the death sentence if Harris is found guilty.

Harris previously pleaded not guilty to similar charges. Messages were left Wednesday with his attorneys seeking comment on the new indictment.

Killed in the Nov. 2 shooting 36-year-old April Magana, 31-year-old Joseph Meeks III, and 26-year-old Muriel Tursivio.