BETHESDA — Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead presented the 2020 budget to the Bethesda Park Board at its meeting Jan. 13. Joni Davis made a motion to approve the budget and appropriations and send it to the county auditor, seconded by Debbie Mason. Motion passed. 

Burkhead presented Blanket Certificate 2020-1 for $47,000 to cover all purchases for 2020. Debbie Mason made a motion to approve the blanket certificate, seconded by Joni Davis. Motion passed. 

Burkhread stated that the JB Green Team grant has to be filed by March 6. The board discussed getting a water bottle filling station and several recycled plastic picnic tables. He is going to get quotes on the tables and get back with the board.

Davis informed the board that letters of interest in the soon to be open board seat are Theresa Schaffer, Stephanie Castello, and Denise Miller.

Mason handed out a revised wish list for the park improvements.

Samantha Burkhead submitted her resignation from the seat since she is now the mayor. Joni Davis made a motion to accept Burkhead’s resignation, seconded by Debbie Mason. Motion passed.

The board will meet again on Monday, March 9 at 5:30 p.m.