Barnesville Exempted Village Schools Superintendent Angela Hannahs said Ryan Rosnick, the district’s athletic director, has been placed on administrative leave. With that, two board of education members have tendered their resignations.

Rosnick’s leave, effective Thursday (Jan. 16) with pay, stems from allegations that became public earlier in the week that the Switzerland of Ohio Local School District has more than $5,400 from volleyball and basketball gate receipts missing. The money was found to be unaccounted for through a 2018 audit — a time Rosnick was the Monroe Central High School athletic director.

"We noticed some ‘red flags’ when we conducted our own investigation, and we placed him (Rosnick) on leave," Superintendent Angie Hannahs said. 

Once those allegations came to light, Hannahs immediately launched an investigation into the Barnesville Athletic Department funds since Aug. 1, when Rosnick began his employment in the Barnesville district.

Hannahs said she has no immediate timetable regarding how long the administrative leave or investigation may last.

"It takes a bit of time to go through everything," Hannahs said. 

Hannahs, in the meantime, has appointed herself as acting athletics director at Barnesville.

In terms of the board of education, both Scott Baker, who was vice president of the school board, and Sam Lucas, board member, submitted their resignations on Jan. 15. Baker cited personal reasons for his decision to resign, and Lucas cited several personal concerns for his reason to resign.

"I believe as a board, we have discriminated against and mistreated the four female employees of the Central Office. I apologize to them for not being able to solve the issue," said Lucas in his resignation letter. "I am disappointed that we have went against the Goalliner organization and head football coach just to satisfy some wrestling group. The Goalliners have worked so hard and I do not agree with this for any reason. I do hope you are able to take action on the new athletic administrator."

The three remaining board members, Rob Miller, president, Kenny Triplett and Dennis Huntsman, will have 30 days, according to board policy, to appoint someone to the two vacant positions.