The following individuals were inducted this past fall to the First Families of Belmont County, a program of the Belmont County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Each inductee proved an ancestor was living in the county by 1830:

Vera Laurell Wheeler Hawkins – Richard Wheeler, Wayne Township, 1830

Wanera June Murphy Woodard – James Murphy, Kirkwood Township, 1825, and Darby Murphy, Kirkwood Township, 1826

Paul Ayers – Dr. John Wells Ayers, Union Township, 1826

M. Marie Bundy – Stephen Bailey, Warren Township, 1808

Kay Ann Mitchell – James McConaughy, Union Township, 1829

Pioneer Family inductees, proving an ancestor’s residency in the county by 1850 were:

Wanera June Murphy Woodard – Lorenzo Murphy, Kirkwood Township, 1840, and Asbury Murphy, Kirkwood Township, 1849

Vera Laurell Wheeler Hawkins – Richard Wheeler, Wayne Township, 1830

The chapter is currently on winter break. The next meeting will take place March 8th at 3 pm in the Genealogy Room of the Barnesville Hutton Memorial Library. The guest speaker will be Fred Thompson, former Belmont County Sheriff.

Dues for 2020 are currently due. Single memberships are $12 while family memberships are $15 annually. Dues may be paid through the mail at Belmont County Chapter/OGS, P.O. Box 285, Barnesville, OH 43713 or on the website at: