The winter months are the time of year when a lot of people travel. Christmas and New Year are the busiest times of the year. People are driving across the country to see family and friends. Everybody in the car is singing Christmas carols and arguing about who gets to pick the next CD. It is the best time of the year but driving to see family and friends can sometimes be dangerous. Many people want to have a white Christmas, but a white Christmas means icy roads. It is pretty easy to tell when there is normal ice on the road; however, black ice is very dangerous. Black ice is transparent, so it is unseen and deadly. Along with icy roads there are careless drunk drivers. It is important to always give your full attention to the road. In the case of a car skidding on ice, it is best to remove your foot from the gas pedal and steer your car where you want it to go. Finally, if you are stuck in traffic just be patient. Everybody is trying to be somewhere, so you are not alone. Be safe, be joyful, and be jolly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!