As a lot of people may say, it’s best to run during the fall because it’s not too cold nor too hot. The only problem is that fall only lasts a fourth of the year. However, while that may be true for some people, I am here to help those people adjust better to running in the freezing cold.

Of course there are the basics: gloves, hat, leggings, undershirt, etc. I prefer to wear a toboggan with an Under Armour hoodie overtop with either one or two pairs of gloves depending on the extent of coldness. However, it is not just dressing warm and coming prepared. It’s staying pumped up and run-ready. For instance, maybe jumping up and down in hopes to get your heart pumping faster and blood running. On the flip side, if you don’t do this and sit around, you will not stay warm no matter how many shirts, hats, gloves, etc. that you have on.

Another issue that you may have that makes people really hate running in the cold: cramps. Muscle cramps occur when your muscles contract involuntarily and forcibly. While dehydration is usually the number one reason for a cramp is usually dehydration, coldness can be another major factor that causes a cramp, for it causes your arteries to narrow. You can prevent muscle cramps by being hydrated, getting a good warmup, stretching well, and by doing dynamics. If you do not know what dynamics are, they are just down-and-back typed things such as high knees, buttkicks, lunges, skips, etc. All in all, if you have trouble running, this was the article for you! Have fun running in the winter, and be sure to keep that blood pumping!