BELMONT — Belmont Village Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead presented a division order for EQT for oil and gas royalties at the Nov. 7 village council meeting.

Shaun Bruce made a motion to approve and sign the division order, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed.

Burkhead asked for a motion of council to allow the mayor and fiscal officer sign a loan agreement between the village and Wesbanco Bank for the purpose of refinancing the USDA Loan. Mike Murphy made a motion to allow this, seconded by Grant Williams. Motion passed.

Burkhead presented Ordinance 2019-14 which is the issuance of $600,000 in bonds for the purpose of a sanitary sewer system refunding. Lorie Grob made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Dan Scott,. Motion passed.

Grant Williams made a motion to approve Ordinance 2019-14, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion pssed. 

Burkhead informed council that Indianapolis Fruit, which is the new produce supplies for Riesbeck’s, donated all of the fruit that they received to make gift baskets for the veterans. He said they wanted to help out this good cause.

Solicitor TJ Schultz presented Ordinance 2019-11 which is the new water rates effective January 2020, for the second reading with no changes. Lorie Grob made a motion to declare tonight the second reading of Ordinance 2019-11, seconded by Shaun Bruce. Motion passed. Schultz presented Ordinance 2019-12, which is the cemetery rate structure, for the second reading with no changes. Shaun Bruce made a motion to declare tonight the second reading of Ordinance 2019-12, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. Schultz presented Ordinance 2019-13, which designates the footprint of the school a green space, for the second reading. Lorie Grob made a motion to declare tonight the second reading of Ordinance 2019-13, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. 

Mayor Stanley Sobel said he met with Bob, Kaye, and Jeremy Greenwood at the fire house. Mayor Sobel said all of the defects with the current firehouse were pointed out. Mayor Sobel said their plan was to position a new firehouse on the playground property and he informed them that, that was not an option. Council agreed as stated before that the new firehouse will not be built on the school or playground properties. Mayor Sobel said Jeremy believes that a bare bones fire house would cost around 1.25 million dollars. Mayor Sobel said he suggested that the department looks into a fire district.

Water Board President Kenny Davis said they purchased 69 percent of the water from the county this past month. He said as the weather changes, they should be producing more of our own water. Davis said there was one customer shut off for non-payment and then turned back on. Davis said he contacted the billing software company to help with a few issues which were resolved. He said he had a tractor leaking oil and it was found that the motor mounts were defective and it was cutting a hole in the oil pan. Davis said Todd’s Mowing took great care of us and fixed the issued under warranty.

Mayor Sobel said the OPWC raw scores were submitted and that the county committee met and awarded points to four projects. Mayor Sobel said there were three ties between Belmont, Barnesville, and a Belmont County project. Mayor Sobel said all three scores going in were 385. Mayor Sobel said the minimum score accepted last year was 440 and it will most likely be the same this year. Mayor Sobel said Belmont was chosen as the Number 1 project and finished with a score of 460 which should be a guaranteed win at the district level. Mayor Sobel congratulated everyone and thanked everyone who worked on writing the grant and making this possible. Mayor Sobel said the paving should begin sometime around June of next year. Mayor Sobel said they need to look to the future to do a water drainage study and look at paving more streets. This year’s grant was for $165,000 in grant funding and $117,520 in zero percent interest loan money.

Mayor Sobel stated that the gym renovation and improvements are ongoing.

Mayor Sobel thanked everyone who helped with the Halloween events and thanked those that donated items and time to make it a success. Mayor Sobel said $504 was raised at the event. Mayor Sobel said Tyre Boys helped them this year also by donating gift cards for the event. Mayor Sobel thanked them for helping the community.

Lorie Grob said after the meeting, they will be assembling fruit baskets for the veterans. She said they also will be giving with the baskets, a $25 gift card to Riesbeck’s. 

Mayor Sobel introduced Jessica Perkins who is the new mayor’s court clerk. Perkins said there were five citations last month. Mayor Sobel said Police Chief Andy Miller now is a resident of Belmont. Miller has made a Facebook page for the Belmont Police Department.

Mayor Sobel provided an estimate to have a large pine tree removed that is by the old town hall. The cost to remove the tree is $1,000 and an additional $400 to have the wood and debris removed. Mike Murphy said he may know someone who may take the wood. Grant Williams made a motion to have the tree and wood removed for $1,400 or $1,000 if the wood is taken by someone, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed. 

Mayor Sobel said Smith Evergreen Nursery from the Canton area has a 10-12 foot tall live tree with root ball that they will sell us for $275. Mayor Sobel said this tree could be planted at the town entrance and used for years to come. Mayor Sobel said they would sell the tree and deliver it for $575 total. Mayor Sobel said they will need some good fill dirt also to plant the tree. Dan Scott said he has the means to go get the tree and have it brought back. Mike Murphy made a motion to purchase the tree and allocate a budget of $700 for the entire project, seconded by Shaun Bruce. Motion passed. 

Mayor Sobel said the craft show for this year is on Dec. 7. Breakfast with Santa will be on Dec. 14 from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. The Christmas Tree Lighting will be Dec. 14 at 6:30 p.m. 

Mayor Sobel announced that there were two mayor elects present this evening. Ron Woods will be the new mayor for Belmont, and Samantha Burkhead will be the new mayor of Bethesda. Mayor Sobel said one of the hardest things is to put your foot out there and try to make things happen.

Don Williams asked why there is no guard rail near Dee Blake’s house. He asked if council could see if a section of two could be put up or donated from the state.

Dan Scott asked if council ever wanted to remove the guard rail at the entrance to the town on State Route 147. He asked if EQT would be more willing to widen the road now that EQT is mostly ran by the Rices.

Mayor Sobel said council needs to start thinking about a new council person for next year as there is a vacant seat. They also have two vacant Board of Public Affairs seats. Mayor Sobel said those interested should submit letters of interest.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Dec. 5 at 7 p.m.