At the 2019 General Federation of Women’s Club, Ohio Federation of Women’s Club convention earlier this year, club members had the opportunity to hear author Robert C. Snyder, Ph.D. speak.

"What is a Veteran, Anyway?" is designed for teachers, parents, and children of all ages to be able to witness and understand the sacrifices veterans make and the camaraderie they experience. It is based on Robert Snyder’s 15 years of service in the U.S. Army, including a one-year tour in Baghdad, Iraq during the first year of the war.

"Why Did Daddy Have To Leave?" helps children understand why parents on active military duty or serving as a Reserve or National Guard solider called to active duty, must leave for an extend length of time, despite loving their children greatly. The story is told through the voice of a young child watching "Daddy" pack and mobilize for war and was inspired be the feeling of his own children.

The two books are currently available at the Barnesville Hutton Memorial Library.