The following are the 2019 Barnesville Pumpkin Festival winners:

Hog Calling Contest

Overall Champion — Brooklyn Miller of Barnesville.

Men (age 16 and up) — First place, Sam Russell of St. Clairsville; second place, Shawn Steed of Woodsfield; and third place, Dustin Christman of Barnesville.

Women (age 16 and up) — First place, Jordanna Toohey of Barnesville; second place, Jennifer Costello of Barnesville; and third place, Faith Gallavich of Bethesda. 

9 to 15 years — First place, Brooklyn Miller of Barnesville; second place, Brady Powell of Barnesville; and third place, Aubrey Johnson of Barnesville.

5 to 8 years — First place, Gabrielle Habig of Lewisville; second place, Olivia Miller of Barnesville; and third place, Kinzley Carpenter of Barnesville. 

Pet Show

Largest — First place, Luna (Weimeraner dog), Natalie Burkart.

Smallest — First place, Mikay (turtle), Kayci Phillips; second place, Harry (Hermit crab), Jacob Whitacre; and third place, Ziva (dog), Kayci Phillips.

Best Tricks — First place, Secret (Border Collie), Marsha Bonovich; second place, Paulo (dog), Sabrina Hickenbottom; and third place, Stella (German Shepherd dog), Jailey Wise.

Hometown Pride — First place, Jack (Bulldog), Carsyn Stephen; second place, Sherlock (Miniature Schnauzer), Carla Austin; and third place, Bella Rose (dog), Penny Gable.

Most Unusual — First place, Mikey (turtle), Kayci Phillips; second place, Harry (Hermit crab), Jacob Whitacre; and third place, Piper (Bulldog), Jenny Thornton.

Pet Owner Look-A-Like — First place, Hank (Sharpei/Pug), Caydence Stephen; second place, Luna (Weimeraner dog), Natalie Burkhart; and third place, Gizmo (Shih Tzu), Noah Halsey.

Best of Show — Hank (Sharpei/Pug), Caydence Stephen.

Tobacco Spitting Contest — First place, Shawn Steed of Woodsfield, 23 feet, 6 inches; second place, Bubba Ankrom of Woodsfield, 15 feet, 9 inches; and third place, Robert Rockwell of Barnesville, 15 feet, 6 inches.

Home Decorating Contest — First place, Jodie Gallagher, 516 N. Chestnut St.; second place, Don Grear, 768 S. Main St.; and third place, Amy and Bruce West, 3585 S. Chestnut St.

Professional Building and Grounds Contest — First place, Moxie on the Main, 125 E. Main St.; second place, Woodsfield Savings Bank, 201 N. Chestnut St.; third place, Carol Goff Real Estate, 118 N. Chestnut St.; Judge’s Choice, Joe’s Tire, 875 Shamrock Drive; and Honorable Mention, J-Mo Meats, 400 Mulberry St.

Talent Show 

Ages 5-9 — First place, Cinzly Carpenter; and second place, Bre’lan Schnegg.

Ages 10-13 — First place, Ava Sobutka; and second place, Remmi Carpenter. 

Ages 14-18 — First place, Mikaela West; and second place, Aliyah Burley.

Ages 19 and up — First place, James Harper; and second place, Tommie Lindell.

Group — First place, Axis, Luke Taylor and Max Miller; and second place, Pumpkin Spice Girls, Kennedy Little, Alivia Smolira and Khloe Kuthy.

Fiddle, Mandolin and Banjo Contest

Adult Fiddle — First place, Wyatt Kidd of Moundsville, W.Va.; and second place, James McLaughlin of Valley Grove, W.Va.

Adult Banjo — First place, Wyatt Kidd of Moundsville, W.Va.; and second place, Rick Tincher of Reader, W.Va.

Adult Mandolin — First place, Dave Milovac of Bellaire.

Adult Open Class (any and all instruments) — First place, Wyatt Kidd of Moundsville, W.Va.; and second place, Rick Tincher of Reader, W.Va.

Teen — First place, Jacob Coughlon of Wheeling, W.Va.

Youth — First place, Alina Holiday of New Martinsville, W.Va.

Teen Fiddle — First place, Mallory Hindman of Reader, W.Va.

Beard and Mustache Contest

Beard Contest — Longest, Dave Sidell of Caldwell; Best Kept, John Wilhelm of Bellaire; Most Unusual, Dave Milovac of Bellaire; Fullest, Terry Stephan of Woodsfield; and Fanciest, Dave Polton of Caldwell.

Mustache Contest — Longest, Shaun Steed of Woodsfield; Best Kept, John Wilhelm of Bellaire; Most Unusual, Shaun Steed of Woodsfield; Fullest, Robin Spears of Freeport; and Fanciest, Dave Polton of Caldwell.

Parade Winners

Homemade Floats — First place, Barnesville Hospital; second place, Childhood Cancer Awareness; and third place, Elite Tire and Service.

Best Horse Unit — Shadow Montag.

Best Auto — Mozart Fire Department.

Best Group — Arielettes.

Best Pumpkin Theme — Cheri’s Retrievers.

Best Royalty — Belmont County Fair 4-H Royalty.

Best Tractor — IBEW #141.

Fudge Contest Winners — First place, Hannah Leach of Jerusalem; second place, Becky Stephen of Woodsfield; and third place, Carol Crooks of Malaga.

Pumpkin Mascot — First place, Zellie Sellers, 13 months, Barnesville; and second place, Tobias Tucker, 19 months, Barnesville.

Giant Pumpkin Winners/King Pumpkin — First place, Bill Neptune of New Concord, 1,588 pounds; second place, Daniel Stephens of Barnesville, 1,475 pounds; third place, Chuck Greathouse of Harville, 1,329 pounds; fourth place, Brent and Liz Powell of Barnesville, 1,188 pounds; fifth place, Jay Johnson of Senecaville, 1,160 pounds; and sixth place, Duane Powell of Barnesville, 1,027 pounds.

Queen, Princess and Mini Miss Royalty 

Queen, Lillian Ford of Barnesville; 1st Runner Up, Heaven Farnsworth of Barnesville; 2nd Runner Up, Madelyn Skinner of Barnesville; and Congeniality, Lillian Ford of Barnesville.

Princess, Aubrey Johnson of Barnesville; 1st Runner Up, Jocelyn Dally of Wheeling, W.Va.; 2nd Runner Up, Ava Sobutka of Barnesville; and Congeniality, Ava Sobutka of Barnesville.

Mini Miss, Cinzley Carpenter of Barnesville; 1st Runner Up, Aubree Crum of St. Clairsville; 2nd Runner Up, Sophia Jones of Barnesville; and Congeniality, Cinzley Carpenter of Barnesville. 

Decorated Pumpkin Winners

Best Decorated Natural Material — First place, Eric Wilson of Barnesville; and second place, Connie Collins, Spanish I, Olney Friends School.

Best Decorated Paint and Artificial — First Place, Vaya Thornburg of Barnesville; second place, Braden and Daisy Miner of Belmont; and third place, Cindy Lynn of Barnesville.

Best Decorated By a Group — First place, Mrs. Sells, Kindergarten class at West Church; second place, Mrs. Dornon, third grade class at West Church Street; and third place, Mrs. Bethel, third grade class at West Church Street. 

Best of Show — Cary Leach of Jerusalem.

Baby Contest — First place, Colt Hupp, parents Hannah Hannahs and James Hupp; second place, Savana Brownfield, parents Trent and Brook Brownfield; and third place, Serenity Begoli, parents John and Melinda Regoli.

Little Miss Pumpkin — Winner, Temperance Regoli, parents John and Melinda Regoli; 1st runner up, Emmalyn Sizemore, parents Cindy Heinzeroth and Jason Sizemore; and 2nd runner up, Jerilyn Starr, parents Allison and Dustin Starr.

Little Mr. Pumpkin — Winner, Bentley Fitch, parents Brad and Sunny Jo Fitch; 1st runner up, Madoz McAfee, parents Megan Barker and Dale McAfee; and 2nd runner up, Jackson Temple, parents Kyle and Kaitlyn Temple.

Pie Baking Contest — First place, Cathy Stephens of Barnesville; second place, Hannah Carpenter of Flushing; and third place, Brooklyn Miller of Barnesville.

Pie Eating Contest

Ages 5-8 — First place, Landon Wehr of Barnesville; second place, Elaine Burkhead of Bethesda; and third place, Dane Wells of Barnesville.

Ages 9-15 — First place, Hank Johnson of Barnesville; second place, Bradey Powell of Barnesville; and third place, Dustin Anderson of Barnesville.

Ages 16-adult — First place, Stephen Rodgers of Cambridge; second place, Josh Fraley of Barnesville; and third place, Joel Griffith of Cambridge.

Champion Pie Eater — Stephen Rodgers of Cambridge.

Horticulture Winners

Largest Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern, by weight — First place, Eli Kemp of Belmont.

Best Canned Goods Display (minimum of 6 jars) — First place, Nancy Bridgman of Barnesville; and second place, Annie Cornish of Zanesville.

Best Shaped Pumpkin — First place, Eli Sullivan of Barnesville.

Best Gourd Display (one or more varieties) — First place, Kinzley Neiswonger of Quaker City; and second place, Angie Zellers of Barnesville.

Best Scarecrow — First place, Mrs. Prichard’s Class, Barnesville.

Pumpkins, miniature — First place, Vince and Hannah Carpenter of Barnesville; and second place, Eric Wilson.

Pumpkin Roll Winners

5 and under age group — First place, Kason Keiger; and second place, Warren Shepherd.

6-8 age group — First place, Liam Doan; and second place, Landyn Wehr.

9-11 age group — First place, Jack Doan; and second place, Kennedy Little.

12-14 age group — First place, Hank Johnson; and second place, Lilly Ford.

15-17 age group — No contestants.

18 and over — First place, Deryk Ginn; and second place, Tonya Trigg.

Overall winners — First place, Liam Doan, 6-8 age group; and Deryk Ginn, 18-adult.

Tall Tales Winners

Adult — First place, Terry McKelvey of Nelsonville; second place, Greg Shumaker of Hendrysburg; and third place, Carla Wobschall of Jerusalem.

Children — First place, Kash Gregory of Logan, age 9; second place, Cali Papineau of Nelsonville, age 12; and third place, Abahm Papineau of Nelsonville, age 12.