Over the plains of dust and through the trenches of death, a cowboy who rides his white-maned, noble stallion across the land looks for a place worth living in. There is, however, a place of peace and prosperity. A great canyon that lies lonely in a valley of ghosts. It is a palace for deer to frolic, birds to sing, and fish to swim. It is the Almighty’s painting of beauty and pureness where anyone and everyone can go and live out whatever they have left with Father Time. The boy’s name is Everett Todd, the cowboy that is, and he croons with joy while plucking the golden strings of his guitar. The echoes from Everett’s voice could be heard for miles and miles across the entire American Frontier. His horse Max happily listens to the singing of his master while walking on ground that has been worn down by travelers from other times.

The two of them travel for a near day until they decide that they both need some shut-eye. The following morning, they are ready for their quest to continue. Their quest is finding this great canyon in the west where they can both settle down and get away from all of the sin and wrong-doing that was (and still is) present in the east. At around noon, Everett and Max stop to splash their dried-up throats with a drink of cool, clear water. Max perks his large ears up to listen. "Whatcha hear there, boy?" asked Everett. It took only seconds before Everett could start to hear what Max was hearing. The sound of a human voice could be heard in the distance. Everett strapped himself back onto Max’s back and the two were off to find who’s voice had invaded their eardrums. They only traveled about a minute before Everett and Max could see the source of noise.

A man, down on his knees, crying out,"Help me!" as it echoed through the quiet air. Max quickly trotted over to the man as Everett bent down to see the man’s face. The man then only noticed that there was someone above him. He looked up to see Everett and Max staring at him with a mix of confusion and concern. "You okay, boy?" asked Everett.

The man wiped the tears from his cheeks and got onto his feet. "You an outlaw?" said the man.

Everett chuckled under his breath. "Sir, I ain’t no outlaw…..I’m just a feller that is concerned about your well-being. Me and my horse here heard your yapping from over yonder and we figured that we would come and check out what was making all the noise," said Everett.

"What about your horse?" said the man.

Everett was puzzled for a bit and then looked at Max. "What about him?" asked Everett.

The man then replied, "Can it trot good?"

"My horse is one of the fastest horses I’ve ever seen. He’s gotten his hooves all shined up so I’d say he’s still in decent shape," said Everett.

The man didn’t immediately reply after Everett stopped talking. Instead, he began to walk all the way around Max while holding his chin as if he was thinking about something. It seemed that the man was examining every single detail about Max. The man then walked back to his original position and looked up at Everett. "Sir, can you please help me? Earlier this morning, me and my sister were on our way into the next town until a pack of savages came out and attacked us. They stole our horse, our supplies, our food, and lastly my sister Abigale," said the man.

Everett breathed out a little through his nose and then replied, "Sir, I’m the type of man that only wants to help folk like yourself. In fact, that’s all I ever wanted to do with my life. I’ve done so many ungrateful things that I know hasn’t pleased the good Lord himself and I feel ashamed of it all. So yessir, I will indeed help you," said Everett.

The man grew a little smile of hope on his face. Everett got down from Max and helped the man up on top of Max. "He may be one of the fastest horses I’ve ever seen but he sure ain’t one of the biggest," jokingly said Everett.

The man chuckled at Everett’s comment about Max.

Everett then mounted himself onto Max with a big grin on his face. "Where did these savages run off to, sir?" asked Everett.

"I saw them going west," said the man.

Everett then let out a big "Haw!" which signalled Max to run. They began going west. Everett then leaned back to ask the man a question. "I’m very sorry sir, but I didn’t get your name. What is your-" Before Everett could finish his question, the man took out a frying pan and whacked it across Everett’s temple.

To be continued…….