Barnesville Village Administrator Roger Deal gave an update on the JB Green Team Grant at the Sept. 3 village council meeting.

He said they were able to purchase 2,000 compostable lawn and leaf bags. Residents can pick up a bundle of five at the Water Office while they last. A reminder that they only pick up leaves that are left curbside in compostable bags and no longer accept plastic garbage bags. Also, there is no longer a drop off at the Depot. 

In other business, Mayor Dale Bunting gave the August Mayor’s Court report. He said there was $734 given to the state, $27 to Belmont County, and the village received $1,214.

Council also approved moving Cody Lucas and Mike Kubat up to Officer I resulting in an $1.00 an hour increase.  

Council also approved a $1.00/hour increase for Silas Tracy and Jordan Cook for obtaining their CDL license. 

A resident on Woodland Avenue expressed her concerns and is requesting help for a feasible plan to get water and sewer her new home. A lengthy discussion was held. Village Administrator Deal reiterated that the line to the tap is the resident’s responsibility. He also said that the line off of Kennard Avenue is the best route or another option is to contact surrounding neighbors for possible easements.

Council approved payment of the bills in the amount of $94,412.74.