On July 27, the Barnesville Progressive Home Helpers (BPHH) 4-H Club had its sixth meeting of the year. The meeting was called to order by Marah Bethel. Hank Johnson and Emma Mazgaj led devotions, and Anna and Ben Eberhart did songs. Roll call was taken and the Secretary’s report was read. Olivia Phillips gave the Treasurers Report. Other reports where also given.

An announcement was made that Ryland Wehr, Ronnie Duvall, Jenna Duvall, and Hank Johnson, where all selected to participate at Ohio State Fair for their respective still projects. Congratulations were given to Kierra Phillips, Ryland Wehr, and Olivia Phillips for placing in the top three of their project area. Congratulations were also given to Hank Johnson, Ryland Wehr, and Lydia Fuchs for receiving special top awards.

As a community service project, club members brought donations for the Summer Lunch Program. In other news, the BPHH will be sponsoring flowers at the Belmont County Fair, which will be held Sept. 3-8. Reminders where given about livestock fair rules, sale signs, stall décor, and show clothes. The club will be setting up their fair booth on Monday, Sept, 2. Help setting up and tearing down the fair booth would be greatly appreciated. The next meeting of the BPHH will be on Saturday, Sept. 14.