BETHESDA — Fiscal Officer Burkhead presented the 2020 budget for approval. Carol Merritt made a motion to approve the budget and to submit it to the county, seconded by Cindy Foose. Motion passed. 

Burkhead informed council that the fire department wishes to begin the process of issuing $500,000 worth of government notes to pay for the purchase of a new ladder truck. Burkhead said he has been told that the percentage would be between 2.5 percent and 3 percent which is less than issuing bonds. He said several documents will be forthcoming that will need approved by council prior to the finalized note issuance. Chuck Little made a motion to begin the process of issuing $500,000 in notes, seconded by Carol Merritt. Motion passed.

Jay Van Horn informed council that it will take about one year to build the fire truck and that they hope to have the truck signed off on and ordered by the end of August. Burkhead said the notes could be paid off within five years but most likely 3 to 4 years. They intend to put down $350,000 on the ladder truck. Burkhead presented the fire contract for Goshen Township for July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2022. Jay Van Horn made a motion to approve the contract renewal, seconded by Carol Merritt. Motion passed.

Burkhead informed council that the gun bash tickets have been ordered and the bash will be held on Nov. 2 at 4 p.m. He said they have made some improvements this year but have stuck to mostly the same formula. Burkhead said anyone wanting to sponsor a gun or donate and contact him, Dirk, Jay, or the fire department. They are going to hold a recreation meeting beforehand to go over everything for the weekend festivities. Burkhead said Comcast will be installed very soon at the park. He said he is working with ATT to get a first responders account for a few of the village phones.

Jay Van Horn informed council that the fire department is having a family fun day at the park from 1 to 4 p.m. There will be demonstrations, a flame house, and a helicopter will be flown in for people to check out. Jordan stated that there will also be a craft fair downtown, a farmers market, and food trucks both days.

Administrator Dirk Davis handed out the 5-20 year capital improvement plan. Davis this is an outlook of issues that we need to address in the future. He said right now we do not have the matching finances for grants but we hope to later this year. He said the parking lot and the basketball court needs to be resealed. Davis is waiting on a quote from Mid Atlantic to do the municipal building parking lot. Davis is going to check with VHV for the basketball court. Davis said Jim and Byron have installed 300 feet of 12-inch storm drain on Second Street. They will install three new catch basins later. He said the consumer confident report for the water department is done and we are going to put these out at the local businesses and downtown facilities for people to view. Davis said this will save us mailing out 530 letters for people to only throw them away. Davis said Dave and Theresa did a great job compiling all of the information that is required to put the report together. Davis a while back, he wrote a letter to the post office about bulk mailing being moved to Barnesville. Davis said they are going to move it anyway and that he was going to contact our senators.

Jay Van Horn presented an application for Brian Bott for EMT. Chuck Little made a motion to approve the application pending a background check, seconded by Jordan Castello. Motion passed. Van Horn said the fire department has put up signs to try to raise money for the new ladder truck. Van Horn said the department is going to put letters out to let people know about the ladder truck and the needs for this new truck.

Cindy Foose thanked everyone for the flowers and the condolences for her father.

Chuck Little presented a building permit for Joel Briado for a new house on Spring Street and another on Memory Lane. Chuck Little made a motion to approve the permits, seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed.

Alan Stonebreaker asked when the village is going to start to slow traffic coming through town. Stonebreaker said have a guy out every night. Pete stated that he is out during the day and rarely sees people traveling fast through town. Jordan suggested that two days a week we change the hours to 4 p.m. to midnight and have Josh sit down by his house and watch traffic for a couple hours a shift. Mayor Lucas said they are very limited on hours due to the funds for the police department. Mayor Lucas said they would have to work with what time we have.

Pete Busack said they had several ducks at the park that were mutilated and killed. The police department is investigating. He said there were 21 citations last month with 11 of them in Bethesda, eight in Morristown, and two in Goshen Township. He said nine warnings were given and 42 complaints responded to. Busack said he would like to request a new PC for the dispatch desk. Burkhead said he would order one. There is a spot on the Dodge that is rusting out and needs to be repaired before winter. Pete stated that it should cost under $500. Jordan Castello made a motion to do the repairs after the second half of taxes come in for the police levy, seconded by Cindy Foose. Motion passed. Pete handed out Ordinance 521.08 which pertains to litter collecting on properties. Jay stated that this ordinance has been revised and that we need to be looking at the current ordinance.

Mayor Lucas offered condolences for Bill Shubat’s family with his passing.

Mayor Lucas stated that the Memorial Day Parade was awesome and he thanked everyone who helped put it together. Mayor Lucas stated that the new shelter at the park is finished and it looks very nice. The park board is looking to purchase new picnic tables.