BETHESDA — The Bethesda Park District Board met June 10 and elected Debbie Mason as the park board president. 

The board discussed putting electric and water in the new shelter sometime by next year. Rick Burkhead said he is going to talk with Dirk about having Dave and Jimmy work on that when they have time. Dan is supposed to start the new shelter next week. The board is going to check with Lowe’s to get prices on picnic tables.

The board discussed a device to get rid of the Canadian geese that are overtaking the park. The device costs around $1,000.

Burkhead he and Jay are going to pick out guns for the gun bash this coming Wednesday. He said they need to schedule a gun bash meeting in the next week or two, to figure out a few items.

Burkhead said the dugout benches should be here by the end of next week. The board decided not to pursue a Natureworks Grant this to replace the old broken grills at the park.

Joni Davis said the cottage owners have asked the park board to help paint the wall behind the lake dock.

The board discussed resealing the basketball court and possibly installing two new basketball hoops. Burkhead said he thought that the price per hoop is about $1,300, because Belmont just put a new hoop in for their court.

In the treasurer’s report, the ending balance for May 2019 was $29,000.05.