BELMONT — Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead asked for council June 6 to approve a transfer in the amount of $5,000 from General to Police fund. Mike Murphy made a motion to approve the transfer, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed. Burkhead said there was a reallocation for the county real estate taxes due to them withholding the county health dept fees out of every account. This was only a reallocation with no change in net received. Burkhead said he believes we are on the last half of the audit. Burkhead said there are a few reclassifications that will be needed to be made. 

Solicitor TJ Schultz presented Ordinance 2019-5 for the first reading. Ordinance 2019-5 is the legislation for the Bartle’s property annexation. This authorizes the Mayor to fill out and sign all of the required documents to complete the annexation. Mike Murphy made a motion to approve the first reading, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed.

Solicitor Schultz said at the last meeting the committee informed him that they would like to only allow dumping behind the street garage only with the authorization of the Mayor. Schultz asked council for how they wish to proceed. Grant Williams made a motion to stop all dumping behind the garage until we have a policy in place, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. Mike Murphy made a motion to have A&A Construction remove the debris that is currently there and to allocate up to $2,000 to do this, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed. Grant Williams made a motion to mount two deer cams on the street garage and allocate up to $200 for the purchase, seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed.

Kaye Hall informed council that there were seven fire calls and 19 squad calls of which nine were billable and three transports. She said they had a tire blow out on the way to Columbus and they had to have the Columbus Fire Department complete the transport. Hall said the squad was towed and everything was fixed. She said they received the extractor washer for washing the fire clothing. There was a fire in the Belmont Correctional Institute which started from a welder that caught fire. There was also a well pad fire last Thursday. Hall said the well pad fire could have been very bad, but the response was very quick.

Kenny Davis said the new water clerk Clorisa Tanner has taken over for Bobbie. Davis said Bobbie still come over every now and then and helps with training. He said they have to have the hydraulic hoses on the backhoe fixed. Davis said a few new water and sewer taps have been put in. There were 12 delinquents last month but all have paid. They are still producing more water than we are buying. The test well for the second well will be done very soon. 

Mayor Stanley Sobel said Brad Bodkin from EQT presented a check for $2,000 for the village to purchase a new AED for the gym. EQT was very happy to give money to the community for a life saving device. Mayor Sobel stated that Belmont is very thankful for their generosity.

Mayor Sobel thanked Joel Braido for helping with the Memorial Day events. Mayor Sobel also thanked Preston Eberhart for being the speaker for the Memorial Day ceremony. They gave away over 500 flags and they had a great crowd and good weather.

Mayor Sobel said they need to have a water and sewer rate study conducted to make sure they are charging the appropriate amount for the water and sewer. Mayor Sobel said they need to break even and have a little extra coming in to pay for unforeseen circumstances.

Mayor Sobel said he has seen at least three dogs running at large this past week. Mayor Sobel said they have an ordinance that prohibits this and that he has instructed the police officers to have animals at large taken to the animal shelter at the expense of the owner. They will not be putting up with this anymore.

Mayor Sobel suggested that they purchase a new basketball backboard and hoop to put on the newly sealed court. VHV will be finishing up the sealing and lining of the basketball court very soon. The price of the backboard and hoop is $1399. Grant Williams made a motion to purchase the new hoop, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed. 

Mayor Sobel said the alleys are in need of serious attention. Davis said Tacosik’s road needs some repairs. It basically needs dug up and proper drainage and a proper base need to be installed. Belmont Mills offered to rent us a track hoe for $100 a day and to furnish an operator for $30 an hour and it would take 1-2 days to do the ditching. Council discussed options to fix some of the alleys. Dan Scott made a motion to allocate $600 and to ditch the Tacosik road and to rent the equipment and man from Belmont Mills, seconded by Mike Murphy. Motion passed. 

Mayor Sobel said they were denied the OPWC Grant last year to do some paving. Mayor Sobel said he would like to apply for this grant again and to expand the project some. Mike Murphy made a motion to proceed with applying for the OPWC Grant for this year, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed.

Mayor Sobel said he and Police Chief Miller are going to apply for a PEP Insurance Grant for public safety. They are going to apply for Police Chief Training for the Andy Miller. The training is Aug. 19 or Nov. 18. The training is mandatory for new Police Chiefs and costs $705. Mike Murphy made a motion to apply for the grant seconded by Bev Yoe. Motion passed.

Building permits for Rod Roby and Krista Larimore were presented to council. Mike Murphy made a motion to approve both building permits, seconded by Grant Williams. Motion passed.

Kenny Davis said they have 3-4 properties that have overgrown grass. Schultz said there is an estate open for the one property and that there should be a mailing address on the tax records.

PK said there was one burial last month and two this month. PK said Eric is doing a fantastic job with the mowing of the cemetery. The cemetery is in need of some top soil to cover up the where graves have settled.

Mayor Sobel said the Land Bank is still in the process of getting the project out to bid.

Don Williams said the town has been lenient with making people keep up their buildings and houses. Don stated that there are several people who simply are not mowing their yard at all. Williams said this affects all property owners in town as people drive through town and see the appearance of some of these houses and buildings.

Mike Murphy asked to put up a "no engine brake" sign at the entrances of town. Davis said he has signs. They are going to add "after 7 p.m. and before 7 a.m." to the signs. Schultz said he will adjust the hours on the ordinance and bring back to council.