In their reign as the 2018-2019 Ohio Hills Folk Festival Prince and Princess, Nathaniel and Maggie Schnegg have tried the best they could to represent the little festival in the hills of Ohio. Traveling with the lovely and kind queen, Miss Olivia Neuhart, was just part of the fun that they had this year.

Maggie has also volunteered to help with the Hospice Tea at the Mansion in Barnesville in September. She served tea to all the visiting princess that dressed up for the occasion. She also helped with decorating and fun at the Moana themed tea party at the Kennonsburg Church.

What Nathaniel and Maggie are most proud of, is making surgical caps for the kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. They worked with their mom over the course of a few months to cut, sew and apply elastic to the 72 caps they made. They hope that the caps give a little joy to the children who may need to visit the hospital.

Nathaniel and Maggie have traveled nearly 1,900 miles to represent their festival and enjoyed many different foods and also appreciated all of the hospitality from each place they visited. They want to invite everyone to come join in the fun at the Ohio Hills Folk Festival this year and want to wish luck to all the new royalty.