The Barnesville Exempted Village Board of Education met May 16 and personnel matters topped the board’s agenda.

The board approved:

* Retirement of second grade teacher Janice Milliken, effective at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

* Mindy Acton as the new second grade teacher at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

* Retirement of Vickie Betts as a bud driver, effective May 31.

* One-year certified personnel contract for Jamie Bauman, Lauren Boger, Teresa Martinette, Etta Moyer and Joni Turner.

* Three-year contracts for the following certified personnel — Tosha Bethel, Chelsea Bickmeier, Colin Carneal, Liza Jones, Alesa Stephens.

* Five-year contracts for the following certified personnel — Bryce Allen, Angie Fisher, Jon Jordan, Stephanie Miller, Natasha Shilling, Heidi Velas.

* One-year supplemental contracts for the following — Blake Allen, head football coach; DJ Butler, Offensive coordinator; Bryce Allen, Defensive coordinator; Dylan Rogers, Assistant Football coach; Chris Hannahs, Assistant Football coach; Mark Brown, Head Cross Country coach; Melissa Dodd, Assistant Cross Country coach; Jerry Robinson, Head Golf coach; Lauren King, Head Cheer coach; Abby McClelland, Assistant Cheer coach; Matt Johnson, Head Boys’ Basketball coach; Jason Perkins, Head Girls’ Basketball coach; Jayson Stephen, Head Wrestling coach; Rick Milhoan, Assistant Wrestling coach; Bobbi Jo Johnson, Head Swim coach; Nick Saffield, Head Bowling coach; DJ Butler, Head Baseball coach; Jeff Miller, Assistant Baseball coach; Leslie Skinner, Head Softball coach; Ted Hanlon, Assistant Softball coach; Dylan Rogers, Head Boys’ Track coach; Mark Brown, Head Girls’ Track coach; Melissa Dodd, Assistant Girls’ Track coach; Brianna Warner, Instrumental Music director; Murray Stafford, Assistant Instrumental Music director; Brianna Warner, High School Vocal Music director; Brianna Warner, Jr. High School Vocal Music director; Heather Eberhart, FEA advisor; Corey Powell, Key Club advisor; Melissa McMillen, Elementary School Computer assistant; Danielle Anderson, Middle School Computer assistant; Matt Hissom, High School Computer assistant; Danielle Anderson, Middle School Student Council advisor; Colin Carneal, SENRAB advisor; Denise Leach, Spelling Bee coordinator; Melissa McMillen, Title I coordinator; Chris Pack, Freshman Class advisor; Matt Hissom, Sophomore Class advisor; Angie Pack, Junior Class advisor; Brianna Warner, Senior Class co-advisor; Heather Eberhart, Senior Class co-advisor; Nathan Kearns, National Honor Society advisor; and Luke Johnson, Assistant Football coach.