Why do I love living in Barnesville, Ohio? Let me tell you.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny, flower-blooming Spring day. I decided I would ride my motorbike to Quaker meeting. After meeting, we enjoyed a carry-in lunch and shared what was going on in our lives. After lunch, I hopped on my bike to head home.

But halfway out Sandy Ridge, I ran out of gas. I was right in front of Todd house a man came out to offer help. He only had a gas/oil mix which I was hesitant to use. So I pushed the motorbike down to his neighbor, Darren Shilling, who I had never met. Darren gave me the gas I needed and refused payment.

So on out Sandy Ridge I went, cruising along — til I hit a pothole which caused an issue with the bike that resulted in a terrible screeching sound. I stopped at Clark’s where Scott was preparing to mow hay. He offered help as did Danny Wildes, who was driving by in his pick-up truck. Danny told me to stop at his place down the road if we didn’t fix the problem. I thought I had fixed the screeching sound so I headed out Sandy Ridge again. But by the time I got to Bill Campbell’s, the problem persisted. So Bill and I worked at it some more, locating a chain guard that was scraping the sprocket.

Assuming the problem was finally solved, I motored on. But soon after I left Bill’s farm, I realized the rear tire was going flat! So I coasted the motorbike back to the Amish auction house and started hiking for home — 7 miles away. I hadn’t gone a mile before a car stopped to pick me up. Ashley and Ryan Brown were on their way to their family get-together on Mt. Hope Road but went out of their way to take me home.

Now, mind you, all of these folks who were so willing to help me were not relatives, they were not close, personal friends, they were just good people, wonderful people — happy to help another human being from Barnesville to my house is a mere 14 miles. In that space, I had seven different people stop to offer help. I felt very blessed that day.

We’re all in this together, friends. Your neighbors are marvelous people. Share the love.

Leonard Guindon