NEW PHILADELPHIA – The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 11 and the Village of Barnesville are currently preparing plans to reconstruct the intersection of State Route 147 (West Pike Street) and State Route 800 (South Chestnut Street) within the Village of Barnesville.

The project will improve the southbound SR 800 to westbound SR 147 traffic movement by increasing the turning radii of the intersection. As the intersection presently exists, large commercial trucks cannot complete this turning movement without leaving their lane. This results in trucks swerving left of center or encroaching onto the adjacent sidewalk and curb to complete the turn. Traffic becomes gridlocked when low semi-truck trailers get stuck on the sidewalk and curb or when opposing traffic must clear the intersection to allow trucks to travel left of center. Upon completion of the project, tractor trailer semi-trucks will be able to complete the southbound SR 800 to westbound SR 147 turn without leaving their lane.

ODOT will need to acquire additional right-of-way to facilitate construction. The project is not expected to impact any cultural (historic) resources, waters of the US, or suitable wooded bat habitat. No work is required within a designated FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area. Traffic will be maintained during construction which is planned for spring of 2021.

ODOT and the Village are seeking comments from the public about any potential social, environmental, or economic impacts of this proposed project. Environmental impacts include those associated with historic archeological or architectural resources, ecological resources, hazardous materials, and/or the general location of the project.

Written comments may be submitted to: Attn: Thomas Stratton, ODOT District 11, 2201 Reiser Ave. SE, New Philadelphia, OH 44663; or via email at All comments must be submitted by June 13.