I’ve decided to, rather than write about on topic for this month, write about a

variety of subjects with one common factor; summer, the season most people beg for. Personally I like winter more, but we’re not here to listen to me rant. What’s there to say about summer? It’s hot, it’ll storm a lot, and you’re probably going to see those family members you try to avoid during Independence Day.

Water, it’s fun right? Considering we have multiple pools and lakes in this

area, I’d say so. What I’m about to say is highly controversial, so please prepare yourself; I like lakes more than the beach. Now before you grab your pitchforks and torches, hear me out. It comes down to three things: I don't like saltwater, you can’t be found if you’re lost at sea, and we haven’t explored the majority of the oceans.

Funny story- I once lost my phone at a picnic and someone else got both

blamed and punished for it. I’m still laughing about it; yes I’m a jerk. Regardless, any outdoor celebration is a staple of summer. Of course, the king of these is Independence Day. That day is something else. The fireworks, food, lots of people, it’s actually surprising I don't lose any of my friends in the crowds.

Overall, I’d rank summer as a close second in my favorite seasons. I just like

the cold better. It’s nice to get three months off of school, go on vacation, or just finally relax after working for months. I should probably buy a joke book, so I don’t run out next year.