School is almost out, and so is the sun! Everyone is ready to acclimate to the newfound heat, but just how? Here are three hacks to help you beat the heat.

Light Makeup

With all the heat, you’re bound to be sweating. In order for your face to not look like a melting mess, opt for light makeup. No foundation and little amounts of concealer go a long way in making you still look your best in the summertime.


The most annoying thing in the summer is when your heavy hair weighs down on your neck and you sweat. In order to beat this situation, opt for hairstyles that elevate your hair off of your neck, like ponytails, braids, and buns.


Sweat produces bacteria that can lead to acne if not careful. In order to keep and maintain your glowing summer skin, make sure you wash your face every morning and every night. Deep cleansers followed by a moisturizer is key to stay fresh this summer.