Well-deserved honors were accorded for Lifetime Achievement, Community Service and Citizens of the Year for four residents at last Thursday’s Barnesville Chamber "Spring Community Banquet" at the Elks Lodge.

Dr. Pratap K. Souri, who retired in 2018 after 45 years of service to the Barnesville community and eastern Ohio, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In nominating Dr. Souri, David Phillips, current Barnesville Hospital Administrator and CEO, noted the internal medicine physician was recruited here by Dr. Richard Phillips in 1973.

"Throughout the years, he has demonstrated his dedication, compassion and commitment to all area residents as he worked tirelessly to provide outstanding healthcare for our communities," Philips said.

Dr. Souri continues to serve on the Barnesville Hospital Board of Trustees, a commitment of over 30 years. He has served on numerous professional committees including as chair of the hospital case peer review team.

During his local career he was also medical director at several area nursing homes in addition to seeing patients at the Barnesville Medical Center and the Monroe Clinic.

"Dr. Souri’s support, guidance and mentoring resulted in other physicians coming to Barnesville including Dr. Himalaya Patcha," Phillips said.

RNs Ryan Gallagher and Miles Jefferis, who also nominated Dr. Souri on behalf of the nursing staff at the hospital, added "he has made an impact on all of our lives, and we were privileged to work with him. The man’s brilliance and compassion are unmatched."

Neighbors and patients, Karen and John Piersol, pointed our Dr. Souri and his late first wife, Monica, raised their three children in Barnesville. Providing a more personal picture of the honoree, the Piersols crediting the good doctor and his wife, Asha, with introducing them and their neighbors to "home-cooked national Indian food" while sharing backyard cookouts, birthdays, anniversaries, and bible studies.

The Piersols concluded their testimony stating, "Dr. Pratap K. Souri is a professional, a servant and a personable and genuine Barnesville Citizen!"

Tim McKelvey, three-term member of the Barnesville Village Council, received the Community Service Award.

Nominated by his two daughters, the Barnesville native is described from a family perspective as "hard working, humble and civic minted."

"For as long as I can remember he has served on some committee or board," noted daughter Sara Artrip. Tim is a charter member of the E-Squad, a founding member of both the Friends of the Park and the Barnesville Community Foundation. He is also a 40-plus year member of the Boosters Club,

A four-decade chain crew volunteer for home football games, McKelvey is currently a member of the Goaliners and a former Little League and TBall coach.

In fact, daughter Lindsey McGlumply proudly noted his volunteerism paid dividends in more ways than one. "He began donating his time coaching little league in his twenties spending so much time in the fields. He even met his future wife there."

McGlumply finished her heart felt tribute saying "he has always been the hero of our family and we believe he has been a wonderful asset to the community. Barnesville is the type of town that makes you a better person. It is obvious this had an impact on our dad."

Popular couple, Dave and Jeanette Hissom, were surprised to find out they were the "2019 Barnesville Citizens of the Year". The local "power couple", high school sweethearts who have been married for 55 years, have spent their lives in service to their family and the Barnesville community.

Jeanette owned and operated the Beauty Nook for 30 years. After selling the business, she continues to work at Chel’s and at Emerald Pointe Health and Rehab with a special emphasis and compassion for the elderly. She’s even been known to take customers to scheduled doctor visits, said her co-nominators Diane Burga and Kelly Wells.

David, owner-operator of Hissom’s Service Center, recently retired after 45 years serving the public as he turns the reins of the business over to daughter and son-in-law, Denise and Jim Jones.

Dave passes on a full-service gas station with a legacy of long hours, hard work, dedication and determination. He is "a wonderful boss with a great set of employees who respect and serve our community with the same values he possesses," opined nominator Helen Carpenter, branch manager of the Woodsfield Savings Bank.

For the past 32 years Dave has served as a Warren Township trustee while Jeannette has fulfilled her civic duties "putting in long hours on election days" as a local poll worker each May and November.

The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival is near and dear to the hearts of this couple. Dave and his best friend the late Tom Skinner, were in charge of the Giant Pumpkin Parade for many years. Jeanette, who started out as chair for the pet show 25 years ago, is today in charge of the festival’s information desk.

When not wearing orange for the pumpkin festival, the Hissoms are described as "green through and through" for their support of their grandchildren’s teams and all others under the Barnesville Shamrocks banner.

Dave serves as captain for the 200 Club, is actively involved in the Goaliners, and is past president and member of the Barnesville Area Education Foundation. Jeanette’s contributions to the community are wide ranging including planting flowers to spruce up the entrance to the high school.

Family is special to the Hissoms. The first week workday is set aside for "Monday Night Dinner" as four generations of the family gather at their Tacoma home for a "revolving-door style dinner featuring Jeanette’s famous red clam sauce or spaghetti and meat balls".

Burga and Wells aptly point out "Jeanette is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone she has known for years or for someone she just met an hour ago." Carpenter said Dave "is a great asset in our community who tries to help in any way he can to impact Barnesville to be ‘the BEST of the BEST’!"

Individually and together as a team, Barnesville continues to be blessed by many efforts of Dave and Jeanette Hissom.