Chambers is a upcoming TV series on Netflix coming out in April. The new show has a few genres including supernatural, drama, thriller, psychological horror, teen drama, mystery, and horror. The series was created by Leah Rachel. The show already has ten episodes ready. Chambers is about a young heart attack survivor who wants to learn about the mysterious donor who saved her life. The new show already has ten characters revealed. Sivan Alyra Rose plays as Sasha Yazzie, Griffin Powell-Arcand plays as TJ Locklear, Uma Thurman plays as Nancy Lefevre, Tony Goldwyn plays as Ben Lefevre, Marcus LaVoi plays as Big Frank Yazzie, Lilliya Reid plays as Becky Lefevre, Nicholas Galitzine plays as Eliott Lefevre, Kyanna Simone Simpson plays as Yvonne, Lilli Kay plays as Penelope Fowler, and Sarah Mezzanotte plays as Marnie. The executive producers are Leah Rachel, Stephen Gaghan, Akela Cooper, Jennifer Yale, Wolfgang Hammer, Winnie Kemp, and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. This new series would be an amazing pick for someone who loves horror, supernatural, and drama.