Many people claim that kids and teens who play gruesome video games such as ones using weapons, guns, and knives to kill off an enemy or an opponent, grow up to be aggressive people. Not only is this statement wrong, but has many reasons on why it is not. One factor according to an article: "A New study shows violent video games do not make teens more aggressive" says that they surveyed the teens, asked the certain questions on how they felt playing video games. Then, they questioned their parents and not only did they conduct an analysis on their behavior on video games, but concluded that it doesn't make them lack in social skills. Another article "A New Study Shows That There Is No Link Between Violent Video Games And Aggression In Teenagers" proves that not only does it get any stress that they have been feeling onto the video game, but makes them feel more relaxed after playing the game. Although people are different, some articles might say that violent video games will make teens aggressive, but it's mainly opinion based and not enough information as much as analyzing how the student’s behavior is affected by using violent video games.