The Easter Bunny was originally brought over to the Americas by German Lutherans who immigrated here in the 1700s, under the name Osterhase. The children would make nests that the bunny would lay its colored eggs in. My question is, how were the eggs colored? What was used as dye in that time? Blood? Kids must’ve been very devoted to 18th century candy if that was the case.

The tradition also included various gifts, like toys and candies. This was based on whether or not the children had been good. This is also partly how it became known as a religious holiday, being similar to Christmas (with Christmas being a religious holiday). Could it be that the Easter Bunny is secretly Santa Claus in a bunny costume? This seems far more likely than bunnies laying eggs; personally this is what I choose to believe. Who has the power to travel the world and give kids candies and toys? Santa. But this brings up a larger point: Santa must be very modest to give the credit of Easter gifts to a bunny.

The Bunny itself was occasionally told to be able to lay eggs by itself, and this is the other part to how it became associated with religion, with Virgin Mary. The truth: Santa in the Bunny costume simply has an army of magical hens, laying multi-colored eggs into an array of baskets.