It’s late at night, around 10 p.m., and you’re hungry. Doctors wouldn’t recommend you eat this late, but you’ve gotta stay up four more hours so why not. You open the fridge, get a random assortment of ingredients together, and make a gross concoction that only the most tired, like you, can enjoy. This, my friends, is the joy of cooking-the freedom of creativity in what you eat.

Obviously I could’ve thrown this together without having any culinary knowledge, but luckily I do. I’ve been through two years of culinary arts classes and served at four events so far. I would never call my cooking the best, since I have a nonexistent ego, but I’d definitely call it palatable. I’d say it’s the quality of that restaurant you like that isn’t really that good, but you love the food for some odd reason. So, about a six or seven out of ten.

As you may have expected, I have experienced cooking at home as well. Mostly eggs; in fact, a lot of eggs. Soft boiling is one of my favorite methods. Pasta is something I also cook often, which is one of my favorites. There’s not much else I can say here, as most of us have cooked at home and know exactly what I’m talking about.