On May 3, 2019, Barnesville High School will hold the 36th annual "Blood Bash" from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for people to come and donate blood. This organization began in 1984 by Sam Schuman, and was originally very small and collected only 108 units of blood. However, over the past 36 years, Blood Bash has grown drastically. Last year, BHS collected 570 units of blood, the second largest amount of units ever collected at our annual blood drive. While students enjoy a relaxed day filled with snacks and games in the side yard of the school, the gymnasium is transformed into one of the largest small school blood drives in the country, which is something the staff and students here at BHS take much pride in. This entire day is organized by Jill Crosier, a staff member here at Barnesville High school who took over the program in 2008, and the Blood Bash Committee that consists of senior students at BHS. Throughout the day, anybody over the age of 16, in relatively good health, and over 110 pounds can donate blood in order to help BHS hold another successful Blood Bash. An appointment can be made online at www.vitalant.org, on a donor sheet, or you can call Jill Crosier at 740-425-3617 (ext. 5235). Donors will receive a tee shirt and refreshments following donation of blood. We encourage your participation and we are very thankful for all of our donors. Let’s try to make this our largest blood drive yet!