Spring is finally here, but with this new heat we have been experiencing, it is sometimes hard transitioning into a comfortable outfits that will keep us warm in the chilly mornings, and that will keep us from sweating in the afternoon. Here’s three ways to transition your routine into spring.


The essential for spring is layering! No matter how cold it is, a nice light jacket can add not only a flair to your outfit, but also acts as a shedding layer for the warmer afternoons. Lots of cheap, cute jackets are at places like Target, and can be very versatile with your outfit.


Now that the sun is back out, it is time to transition back into our warmer looks and ditch the pale, winter powders. Show off your natural bronze by adding a bronzer to you sunken areas on your face (around your nose, your forehead, and under your cheekbones and jawline). You can also add warmer tones to your eyes to help bring out the color of your eyes to really pop for the spring. Also pink and red colors are perfect for a spring lip!


Spring hair is the time for ultimate frizziness! No one wants frizzy hair or to be sweating from the weight of your hair. To handle frizziness, use a lightweight hair spray not to weight down the hair, but just enough to hold down the friz. To handle the sweat, look more towards updo hairstyles, like sleek buns, pony tails, or braids. These really help to make sure you are weighed down and can breathe in the spring air.