Tick program set for April 23

Whether you or your pet have been in the woods, hay field, or your backyard, you have probably encountered an Ohio blood feeding parasite, called a tick. So do you know what kind of tick you removed from yourself or your pet? If not, it is time to educate yourself on our Ohio ticks and the tick-borne diseases. Some of these ticks may infect the host with a disease that can result in mild to serious illness or death if not caught in time. The guest speaker will be Tim McDermott, the Franklin County OSU Extension Ag and Natural Resource Educator. He is a graduate from OSU of Veterinary Medicine who had a private veterinary medicine practice for 20 years prior to joining OSU Extension. McDermott will be talking about our Ohio emerging tick population, tick id, tick-borne diseases, precautionary measures, management, and how these diseases can effect your beloved pets. Also joining us will be Rich Lucas, Belmont County Health Department Environmental director, who will be presenting on how these ticks can effect your health, symptoms, and human prevention from tick bites. Sponsors include: Eastern Ohio Woods & Wildlife Series and Belmont SWCD. Partners include: Eastern Ohio Woods & Wildlife Series, OSU Extension, Belmont County Health Department, and Belmont SWCD. Come join them on April 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Barnesville Library Annex, 611 N. Chestnut St., Barnesville, OH 43713. RSVP to Liza Butler, Belmont SWCD Wildlife/Forestry Specialist and Fiscal Coordinator, at 740-526-0027 or butlerswcd@att.net.

Dinner, auction planned

The 25th annual Harrison Coal & Reclamation Historical Park Dinner-Auction will be May 11 at the Sally Buffalo Park's Wallace Lodge, 100 College way Cadiz, or 43000 Industrial Park Road Cadiz. Doors open at 5 p.m. Dinner at 6 p.m. Followed by speaker and auction. Tickets include buffet style dinner, drinks, and more. Tickets are $20. For reservation, information, or donate items for auction, contact 740-391-4135 or 740-942-3895. E-mail info@hcrhp.org. Mail reservations to HCRHP, 143 S. Main St., Cadiz, OH 43907. Make checks payable to HCRHP.

Warren Township Community Clean-up Day set

Warren Township Community Clean-up Day will be Saturday, May 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 358 Mulberry St., Barnesville. This is for all Belmont and Jefferson county residents. They will accept most old household junk, appliances, house and lawn furniture, carpeting, small and large household electronics, plastic riding and climbing toys, fixtures, mirrors, windows, doors, household batteries, car batteries, etc. They will accept standard car and light truck tires only with a limit of 10 per vehicle (EPA regulations). However, they reserve the right to turn away unacceptable items. Please bag or box loose materials to allow vehicles through the line in a timely manner. Not sure if an item will be accepted, call JB Green Team at 740-296-5376 or visit www.jbgreenteam.org.