BETHESDA — Bethesda Park Board met Feb. 11 to discuss upcoming improvements at the facilities. 

Judge Albert Davies asked the board about their ongoing projects and details for the park facilities. The board described the several projects that they are hoping to have completed this year including the replacement of the lake bridges, paving of the walking trail, and constructing a new shelter.

Judge Davies expressed his gratitude for all that the board does and was amazed at how many things Bethesda Park has going on. Judge Davies said he will come by and tour the park sometime.

Judge Davies swore in Joni Davis for her three-year term that started Jan. 1, 2019.

Jim Ellis said Precision Lawncare will be getting back to the board on pricing and if they wish to mow this year.

Dan Cermak, who will be constructing the new walking trail bridges, presented the board with two options for railing.

A metal tubing railing system or a wooden constructed system. Cermak said the metal is more transparent and will cost about $6,000 more, but the wood would be much more substantial and resistant to vandalism. Rick Burkhead asked how the payment for the project would work. Cermack said 50 percent down and 50 percent when completed. After much discussion Jim Ellis made a motion to proceed with wooden railing, seconded by Debbie Mason. Motion passed. The board discussed having Cermack give them a quote to construct a new shelter where the skate park was located.

Dirk Davis informed the board that the JB Green Team Grant application is available online to apply for. Last year, they purchased rubber mulch and picnic tables. Davis said Dan Carpenter couldn't be here tonight but he will come to the March meeting.

Burkhead he is going to order the drinking fountain that we agreed to order.

The board discussed the removal of the ducks and geese at the park. The ducks and geese are destroying the park area by tearing up the ground, lake banks, and are pooping everywhere. The board discussed deterrents such as decoys, balloons, etc. The board made the decision to have the duck houses removed immediately.