Many Barnesvillians would say what has simply been known as Barnesville’s creation: James Barnes moved from St. Clairsville and proceeded to make a small home in a clearing and that spiraled into what is now known as Barnesville. But, with St. Patrick’s Day in mind, I will say, without any evidence, that this was Barnes’ favorite holiday, and inspired the Shamrock name.

My main reason (and backing) for this story is the fact that we are the Barnesville Shamrocks. Naturally, one might think it would make more sense for Barnesville to be the Pumpkins, all decked out in orange and green uniforms for our sports teams, with our annual Pumpkin Festival. I disagree. James Barnes had the great foresight of a true American, able to see St. Patrick’s Day would grow into the great green beer holiday it is today; and therefore deciding that any sports teams in Barnesville must be the Shamrocks. Maybe James Barnes was the first creator of green beer; we don’t know.

A completely rational objection to this theory might be this: If James Barnes was a St. Patrick’s Day fanatic, why not make an annual Shamrock festival? An answer to that would simply be this: Barnes had no idea his small village would grow to be this large, and definitely wouldn’t have imagined an annual festival. Going off of this, he could’ve imagined the town growing this big and simply preferred the taste of pumpkin food and drink to that of mint food and drink items. My theory should be canon to the Barnesville Cinematic Universe, and, with that, we should have a Shamrock parade each year for St. Patrick’s Day in James Barnes’ honor.