Barnesville Village Council discussed construction projects at its meeting March 4.

Village Administrator Roger Deal asked council for permission to extend the East Main Street sidewalk to Railroad Street/Bethesda Street intersection. The village will need to contact the property owner. Council agreed to the extension.

Deal said ODOT will be widening the intersection by Starr’s Used Cars. The project will take place in 2021 at a cost of $145,000. The village will have 20 percent participation in the project.

Deal informed council of the pending gasoline tax. The Municipalities and Local Government will receive 40 percent of the funds generated which will equate to approximately $104,147 for the village. This will help in the road improvements.

In other business, Mayor Dale Bunting gave the Mayor’s Court report for February. He said $1,017 was collected for the state, $36 for the county, and $1,882 for the village.

Deal announced that he asking for applications for the seasonal mowing crew in the village. 

Also, a copy of the Consumer Confidence Report for 2019 has been produced and distributed. This is an EPA requirement that states that the village water is safe and meets state and federal requirements.