The Title 1 Family STEAM Night took place on Thursday, March 28 at Barnesville Elementary.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Over 400 students and family members engaged in hand-on activities that encouraged teamwork, critical thinking skills and helped spark an interest in the Arts and Sciences.

Families worked together to complete activities such as building the tallest tower, constructing a boat which would hold the most pennies, creating two and three dimensional shapes, constructing a hoop glider, exploring magnetism as well as many other activities.

Shawn Meier and Karen Mihalic from Barnesville Hospital provided opportunities for students to examine X-rays and use a microscope. Mrs. Little from the Barnesville Public Library also provided a fun activity for families.

It was a fun-filled evening which allowed students and families to build, play, learn, and work together.